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What is NISSLL?

The White Rose Network for the Interdisciplinary Study of Second Language Learning (NISSLL) is a forum for exchange of ideas and expertise among language teachers and language researchers. It was founded by a team of language teachers and researchers at the Universities of York, Sheffield, and Leeds, with the aim of bridging the communication gap between the different disciplines that research language learning (e.g., linguistics, psychology, education), and between researchers and language teaching practitioners. Although language teachers and language researchers all focus on second/foreign language learning, there is often little time, space, or support for us to share our findings and experience. This network will create that space through a series of workshops to be held during 2014, and through collaborative research and engagement projects that we hope to grow out of the initial workshops. If you are a language teacher or language learning researcher and you’d like to be involved, get in touch.

Another area of need is for more classroom research from the point of view of linguistics. If you are interested in applying to do a PhD that takes a formal, theoretical approach to second language classroom research, contact any one of the founding members of NISSLL, listed in the People tab, to ask for more information.