EuroSLA 2014

In this post, Elaine Lopez reflects on the recent conference of the European Second Language Association, held at York on 3-6 September 2014. Elaine is a NISSLL-associated PhD researcher, investigating how to integrate linguistic theory into language teaching practice, and she is an experienced ELT teacher. Follow her on Twitter (@ELopezYork).


Developing fluency in MFL: reflections on talks from the BAAL Language Learning and Teaching SIG

Our second post reflecting on the BAAL Language Learning and Teaching SIG conference (Leeds, 3–4 July 2014) is written by Thomas Jochum-Critchley and María Muradás Casas, who teach German and Spanish, respectively, at the University of York, and are both members of NISSLL.

Teacher/Researcher perspective on the BAAL Language Learning and Teaching Conference

This post, reflecting on the he BAAL Language Learning and Teaching SIG conference (Leeds, 3–4 July 2014) is written by Elaine Lopez, a NISSLL-associated PhD researcher and experienced ELT teacher. A number of NISSLL members attended and presented at the conference, whose theme was ‘Recognizing complexity in language learning and teaching’.

Workshop: Building a dialogue between language teaching and second language acquisition research

On Saturday 26 April 2014 NISSLL held its first workshop to bring together language teachers from secondary schools with researchers in SLA, in addition to teachers in higher education. The aim was to share viewpoints on language learning from theory to practice and from practice to theory.

NISSLL website launch

Thanks to some hard work behind the scenes, NISSLL is now officially wired with this website, which we’ll continue to add to over the coming months, and a Twitter feed. We’ll post information about NISSLL events and research activities of network members here. We’ll also blog about language learning issues of interest to the NISSLL community, and we’ll be inviting guest blogs too. If there’s something you want to see discussed here, drop us a line. We’ll announce new blog posts and updates on Twitter.